Sunday, July 31, 2011

I feel like we're on the same page & HELL YEAH!!!!, I axed you to be my date to THE ALS-LOU GEHRIG'S DISEASE BENEFIT SHOW & I MEANT IT & I wanted to take you to the beach. The road from Navarre to Pensacola Beach on Santa Rosa Island just opened last year. It'd been closed since IVAN, 6 yrs.

Anywayzzzzzzzzzz, yeah, you rite... to have THE GOOD STUFF come back & bite you in a good way is WAY KEWL!

I love the following expression and I think it could be worked into a song. I think it comes from an Irish tombstone but I found it on the internet who knows where:


Yeah, it's been over forty yrs. since we talked to each other but we liked the HELL out of each other back then &

I wanna picture of you & Katie in your shirts. You know my Mommie was named Katie. Lucy Kate Belcher Register 1918-1985.
Yeah, there's a story behind the shirt. The artist who designed it committed suicide but I own the shirt design & the idea.
The Strangers are some of my buds from Dothan, With the exception of one death, the group is still together & they've been together off & on since like '62. They're gonna be backing up Billy Joe Royal @ the show Sat., Aug. 20 @ Dothan Civic Center.

Had a wonderful trip to THE 'HAM, THE TRAGIC CITY.<

A picture is worth a thousand words so I'm about a prepare a Facebook album of my afternoon. I'm going back tomorrow. The gallery was closed today but there's going to be a lecture there tomorrow so maybe I'll make to the lecture. I'll definitely make it to cocktail hour!


Friday, July 29, 2011

I think it's just terrible that FLORIDA uses this kind of salacious advertising.

Our Merry Prankster buddy, Ken Babbs (a.k.a. BOSS of THE SKYPILOT CLUB), finally published that Vietnam manuscript Tom Wolfe talks about being thrown around like a piece of trash in THE ELECTRIC KOOL-AID ACID TEST. It's called WHO SHOT THE WATER BUFFALO? Babbs flew helicopters in Vietnam for a Marine helicopter squadron from '61 to '63. BUY THE BOOK &, NO! You can't have my T shirt!

 If you are going to order the book over the internet, or
by phone, get it from Tsunami Books, a locally owned
bookstore. Or go to the store in Eugene, Oregon.

You will get a signed copy.

Costs you $22. Free shipping in the U.S.

Order by phone: 541-345-8986

Order by email:

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Seeing that (thanks so much for the call!!) was NICE!!
Typing that was about THE SWEETEST THING you could have done for me!
Before our conversation today, I was laid in the shade just ready to devour some blackened redfish & potato casserole @ Wintzell's.

We had a wonderful conversation & it helped me to really enjoy my lunch!



P.S. the rest of this email comes from a post I did in 2005. I includes ELLICOTT plus CONFESSIONS OF A SECTION 8 MAINTENANCE MAN.

Saturday, July 16, 2005
This is the zenith sector Andrew Ellicott used at his astronomical observatory in present day Houston County Alabama in August of 1799.

This is the transit used by Andrew Ellicott in present day Houston County, Alabama in August of 1799.

Thursday, July 14, 2005


Wednesday, July 13, 2005


This blog is also used to remind me of little bits and pieces of stories I can use in my fiction. Well, Robert, don't forget the money under the linoleum[$380, last count], the kinfolks putting grandma in the nursing home before burning her nasty mattress along with their inheritance, the change drawer as a tax dodge and the old bootlegger who stored rolls of one hundred $100 dollar bills in the wall.

Also[by special request]:

#10 You come to work in the morning, look in your box and realize you have to call the Poison Control Doctor at the University of Alabama in B'ham immediately.

#9 Your tenant comes to the door casually exposing herself in sleepy disarray and then proceeds to lay on the couch & enjoy herself underneath her blanket while you change out a wall socket.

#8 After you put on your respirator so you can enter the house, you open the kitchen cabinet and find that it is completely filled with boxes of baking soda.

#7 Your tenant goes to court to fight your eviction notice and uses the state attorneys she was given by the Crime Victims Compensation Fund after her teenage daughter was knifed to death by a younger girl who got off on justifiable homicide.

#6 The same tenant threatens to sue your boss because of the snakes that have invaded her bedroom. Because your tenant has spent the previous evening trying to become a Rock Star Without a Guitar and is now higher than a Georgia pine, she neglected to notice that the snake underneath her chest of drawers was her snake print Spandex tights.

#5 You show up for an eviction one hour early only to find a World Class drug deal going down in the apartment of the tenant you are about to evict. When you inform the tenant of the deputy sheriff's anticipated arrival, the tenant says,"Aw, man, I'm cool wid Deputy Green."

With the deputy sheriff in the house of the tenant you are about to evict, you begin to empty the tenant's kitchen cabinets. The tenant objects and says,"My preacher Reverend Cunningham told ya'll I'd be out by tomorrow." As you continue to empty the cabinet, the tenant screams," If you don't get yo' white hands off my shit, Jesus Christ is gonna strike yo' mutha fuckin' white ass dead!"

As you are tearing out the floor of the bathroom of your tenant, you find a Pringle's Potato Chips can filled with individually packaged rocks of crack cocaine. The tenant's adopted son, who had no idea that the floor joists he used to stash his shit underneath the house were also underneath the bathroom floor, enters the bathroom and says,"Give me dat!".

Your tenant, a 46 year old great grandmother who you taught high school biology to in 1977, asks you,"What is Section 8 anyway?" After you explain the features and advantages of living in a privately owned residence supported by Section 8 over the disadvantages of living in a public housing project,the tenant looks at you in a confused way and says," Dat Section 8 don't sound quite right to me. I mean paying for yo' housing, ain't dat what the government 'sposed to do anyway."

And the # 1 way you know you have just had your cherry popped as a Section 8 maintenance man is when you hear your tenant say this to her 50 year old son who still hangs around the family crib:" I don't care how much money yo' friends got. I don't care how big a car they drive. If they come around here, they BLACK ASS BE going to the same place: IN THE GROUND! GOD GUIDES MY HAND! THE LORD JESUS GUIDES MY HAND SO I CAN AIM THIS MOTHA' FUCKIN' PISTOL!

See, LIFE AFTER JAIL ain't that bad!

See, it wasn't that bad!


No doubt about it.
You THE BEST thang'zzzzzzzzzzz happened to me in a while.

Yeah Sir Ree Bob, Miz Jacquetta, you my SWEET POTATO PIE!
So much of my work is PURE DRUDGERY so it's nice to have a bright thought in my head while I'm progressing through my day.

Glad you checked out the eviction pics.
Should be some GOOD'UNZZZZZZZZZZZ this evening.

Also glad you checked out Al's music & column. If you got a minute, please go back, listen to the music one mo' time agin, read his column & give him (ed. note: his employer-MORTON REPORT) your honest opinion of his work.
He & I have some big plans. He discovered Lynyrd Skynyrd , signed them & produced their first three albums. He recorded & produced THEIR FIRST ALBUM, which was their best, in my good friend and business partner, Buddy Buie's Studio 1 in Doraville, Ga., home of Buie's creation, THE ATLANTA RHYTHM SECTION.
The guys in Skynyrd are such SORRY ASS SON'S OF BITCHES they got inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame & didn't even mention old Al.

I'm listening to this week's Al's NEW MUSIC FOR OLD PEOPLE & ,like you, hear a few hits & misses. I want to monetize one of my blogs called ROCK PILGRIMAGE & Al wants to help so if you could share your opinion on his column, it would certainly be appreciated.

I haven't talked to Greg about this trip to D.C. What I'll do is get his take on the National Archives & the Smithsonian before I leave. He's already been there on this same research.
We might do some sister city stuff with Ellicott City so be thinking about who you know & WHO KNOWS YOU!

We're having the big ALS-Lou Gehrig's Disease Benefit Show in Dothan, Sat., Aug. 20. BIG! BIG! BIG! So that's my latest vacation.

Anywayzzzzzzzzzzz... I want to come see you in September or October. I could stay two weekends. Sept. 17 to Sept. 24 could work or Oct. 15 to Oct. 22. No problem for me @ work, in fact, that could become our routine. See each other the third week of each month. Works for me. How 'bout chew??????????????

About my "lifestyle."
Well, I sometimes get some criticism YOUR FEMALE RACE about that.
It goes something like,"Damn Robert, you live just like you did in college!"
Since Oct. of '05, I've lived here @ THE OFFICE.
Since I moved into here almost six years ago, my day starts out about 12:30 A. M. when I wake up from my nap I take after work. I wipe the sleep out of my eyes, check my email & take a shower. By that time, it's about 1:25 A.M. & I walk one block over to MY PUB. I purchase a shot of schnapps & whatever's the cheapest beer that night & watch the kids close the bar.
Then I return home & play on the computer until my boss shows up @ 4 A.M. I talk to him about THE NEW DAY while he makes coffee. He leaves for the Y & I begin to wind down. I eat my pills for my blood pressure which is TOTALLY UNDER CONTROL , have a snack & go to bed. Wake up before 7, wash dishes, do laundry, meet our property manager @ 7:30, shave & brush my teeth, check my email & try to get out of the office by 8:10. I receive no supervision & the only time I hear from anybody is WHEN THEY REALLY NEED ME. Most people are scared of me. I can hurt their feelings. Most jokers look at me & I just look down & shake my head & I don't hear a peep & , if I do, THEY GOT HELL TO PAY. I'll cloud up & rain on your ass & the reason I'm so successful at that is because I'M JUST LIKE A COP ~ Everyone is a PERSON OF INTEREST except ME!

Well, that's Bob's world. If you ready to share, I'm here. Look forward to calling you this morning once I get things started.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Glad you checked out the B'ham News.
Loved hearing your laugh too! So glad my battery gave out. I'd probably talked all day & not done a lick of work. This week is gravy. End of the month so I can take care of all my old work orders and get material on the job. Only problem is next week is FRIST UV DAH MONTH & when my ninjas come inzzzzzzz to pay they rent they be complaining.
This time neck week I'll be so deep in the weeds it'll be up to my eyeballzzzzzzzzzzzz!

Look like I'm gonna get your T shirts in the mail this mornin'. Hope you & your daughter like 'em.

Our conversation got me a little wired & inspired.

THE BOY SCOUT RESERVATION STAFF CABIN, '67 ~ Late afternoon with Cub & Reg Enjoying A Big Metal Fan.​=U6K8wfyzAJQ

Allow me to refresh your memory. Culberson didn't drive. Every double date we ever had with Cub & Manera was in my car. Up until the summer of '68, I had a tourquoise '58 Chevy but that summer Daddy sold it for me because I was going off to school & I had a variety of vehicles all summer. We didn't double date during most of '68. I'd come over & stay @ camp, we'd go out Sattiddee nite & I'd show up Sunday morning & we'd go to church together. It was pretty kewl.
In my humble opinion, @ THAT TIME, you were just right for me & I was just right for you.

I'll try to call you this morning after I get started on these busted windows. Gotta be done in the cool of the mornin'.


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I go through Enterprise all the time on the way to the beach. When the old spill hit at the end of April 2010, I'd already spent 20 days at the beach that year. I get off the main road in Enterprise occasionally & I've been through the path of the tornado a couple of times. I couldn't remember where y'all's house was but I go by the Methodist Church where Asa Boozer preached when we attended there together. When my Daddy died of an aneurysm in Sept. '72, Asa came all the way from Selma to preach Daddy's funeral.

I taught my son how to pray; how to call on THE HIGHER POWER; how to listen to THE VOICE WITHIN. He's needed every lesson & those lessons have served him well.

Here's something I want you to read. I've written about unrequited love in my sci-fi novel SNAKE DOCTOR.
There's a little "Jacquetta" in these paragraphs.

The Bermuda grass in Grover’s field was making hay this
spring afternoon, and he gazed with pride along the fence line of
the hillside pasture leading down to the white sand bank where
aeons of Big Springs’ cool, clear water had deposited untold tons
of its snow white grains of disintegrated quartzite. Parking his
Ford van by the cookshed, Grover climbed the steps up to the porch
of the grey cypress decked shotgun house he called home. With each
step he felt the burden of his 61 years; years he loved and
thanked God for every day, but years heavy with suffering and

Grover needed to smoke some reefer.

Opening his unlocked front door, Grover reached up to the
foyer closet’s door casing. Pulling down his little tin box, he
returned to the front porch, pulling the cord on both ceiling fans
as he strode across the cypress planks toward his green porch
swing. After checking the horizon to see whether the coast was
clear, Grover Moss, known affectionately to his friends as “Fur
Trader,” leaned back and took a hit off the pipe he made from the
antler of a twelve-point he’d killed at Ft. Rucker over 40 years

After five tokes of his favorite blend, Grover gazed out over
his grassy field and accessed his progress.

“Boy, I miss that dog. I’m gonna have to find a little Zero

It was lonely without his dog. Walking back to the front
door, Grover reached inside to the corner bookcase that held his
photo albums. Returning to the swing, he poured over the pages
looking for pictures of his beloved pit bull. Sure enough, he
found photographs of Zero, but he also found more than he was
looking for. Grover found the pictures of Florrie. There she
stood, a Southern angel, in that aquamarine bathing suit her
mother sewed wearing Grover’s Wekiwahatchee High School class ring
on her left hand.

Keeping with his morning’s horrible memories of Zero’s death
in the enormous jaws of Old Tom, and the gas explosion on
Tustennuggee’s riverfront, Grover thought of monsters again. Only
this time the monsters weren’t giant flesh and blood, red-eyed
reptiles. These monsters were made out of strong emotions. These
were green-eyed monsters; disturbing feelings Grover could not

He was still in love with her.

“How in the hell could this happen?” Grover asked himself.
“What kind of bond could connect me to a damn woman I haven’t seen
or heard from in over forty years? I’ve got to get over that
cunt. Man, I need a drink!”

Back on the swing with a cold bottle of India pale ale,
Grover looked at Florrie’s picture once more and it hit him. There
was his answer in full living color: so simple, so plain and
simple. Her hands! Grover’s whole world was right there in
Florrie’ s fingers!

Suddenly, stoned and rocking in his porch swing, Grover
Milton Moss, Esquire, made a miraculous discovery. Now he
understood the monster; not Old Tom but his other monster.
Grover’s monster was the thought of never being touched by Florrie
again in his lifetime. Here Grover found his greatest fear and as
any redneck knows, the best thing to do when scared is to go ahead
well armed. At that moment, Grover completely embraced the
unrequited love he held for his old girlfriend, Florrie Walker.

“Good God, this feels good” Grover yelled.

It felt good to have Florrie on his mind. Those thoughts were
more precious than gold. For the first time in over forty years
Grover fully grasped the joy and virtue contained in the
recollections of his youthful love with that beautiful woman.Memories
of Florrie were his most important possession, and the
determination to become the man worthy of Florrie's affection now
consumed Grover's soul.

I'd love to take you to the beach but there's also a big reason for me to spend about a week in D.C. Greg Spies (he's one of my Facebook friends) & I have talked seriously about writing a book about Mobile County history for the MOBILE COUNTY BICENTENNIAL in 2013. I need to go to the Smithsonian and The National Archives so think about when you'd like to hang out with me in Arlington, D.C. & Georgetown.

I'm calling you as soon as I get my act together this morning.


Monday, July 25, 2011

Gull, you alwayzzzzzzzz gonna be "Jacquetta" to me!

This is gonna be fun.
The next thing on my TO DO LIST was to process a bunch of images for a "TUSKEELOOSSEE TURNAYDER- BEFORE & AFTER" album but this is a much better use of my time.

Wow! Have you got the wheels in my head turning!
Oh yeah! I've already FOUND OUR NEW SONG! This version on Youtube starts out with Ray Charles & Bonnie Raitt but then it becomes a live performance @ The Grammys by Bonnie Raitt & Billy Preston. Anywayzzzzzzzzzzzzz: OUR SONG!

Now cut the bull about being so surprised by me responding to your request. Manera told me MONTHS AGO she had found you & she'd LOOKED FOR YOU JUST LIKE I HAD!!!! She said she talked to you once and then RADIO SILENCE. She was afraid you might have been blowing her off.


You've got so much wrong in your head about us but that's the way it beezzzzzzzzzzzzzze wid YOUR FEMALE RACE.

I'm SO GLAD you remember "our little history."
The "NOT WAITING BY THE MAILBOX" letter was so heavy it had a "Postage Due" on it when it arrived @ General Delivery, University, Alabama 35476!!!! (Do think I still have it in the archives somewhere in some storage facility. Don't think the hurricanes or turnayders got it!)
The clerk ( the late Dick Ellenberg who became one of my best friends) knew it was a "Dear John." He knew all us freshmen so well & all of us guys were getting them from the gals BACK HOME that Oct. If we didn't have mail in our box @ General Delivery, Dick would give us a nod while we were in line so we wouldn't waste our time waiting. It was on yellow stationary. About 9 pages. You had big handwriting anywayzzz and the longer you wrote THE BIGGER IT GOT!

I'll respond more to your letter later but I've included some personal info about my life for the past 40 yrs.

Found this letter to my ZERO, NW FL friends from '08. It'll tell you a lot about my life:

Hey y'all~

Working with my old classmates has me reminiscing a lot about my life so I've started hauling out the archives to search for the bits & pieces of my memories.

College was fun but it was tough. I worked hard every summer saving my money & had a work study job at the Union Building which enabled me to work backstage at the rock concerts. I remember working for Elton John, Jethro Tull, Joe Cocker and The Rolling Stones. In fact, I met my future wife while working the gate to the floor at Jethro Tull. She flashed that pair of play pretties at me and next thing ya know she had full access to everything at that show.

I didn't get to travel at all while in college except for a couple of trips to the Panama City Beach each summer.

Before I settled down to work after college I took a couple of trips up to the Carolinas but I spent most of my college years working and saving my pennies.

My first job out of college was being a Psychologist 1 at Partlow. The first year wasn't bad. I saved up all of my vacation days, holidays and comp time so I could take off an entire month during the summer of '73. Greg Wright & I took my VW van out to Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Greg had already served in 'Nam & I was still scared of being drafted so I wanted to check out groovy little hippy pads in Victoria, B.C. in case I needed to take an extended vacation. Driving back to Tuscaloosa, we visited Olympia National Park, Yellowstone & I got to hang out at Philmont in Cimarron, New Mexico for the first time since visiting there in July of '65.

The Partlow job came to a screeching halt one day in January of '74. I got attacked by a patient who almost took out one of my eyeballs so I took off a couple of days and decided to become a school teacher. The Colegio Americano de Guayaquil came to the rescue and enabled me to live in Ecuador for four months and get my teacher's certificate. Before leaving for Ecuador, Susan & I took the train down to New Orleans & we stayed with Jeanie Dowling and her husband Octave Livaudais at their house in the Garden District.


I returned to Tuscaloosa from Ecuador in September of '74 broke & broken hearted. Fortunately the head basketball coach & science teacher at Druid High got caught with his britches down during sixth period so in November I had a science teaching job on the West End of Tuscaloosa.

In '75, I went to Mardi Gras in New Orleans again & took at least three trips to the Smokies. I spent a week hiking the Appalachian Trail above Cades Cove and really fell in love with the mountains.

The Olympics were in Montreal during the summer of '76 so I got this old gal to haul me up to Quebec in her Barracuda. We stayed with Thomas Wheatley and his wife in Hingham, Mass. and then toured Boston and the coast of Maine. We didn't make it to the Olympics but really enjoyed discovering Quebec City & Ille de Orleans. The girl I was with spoke fluent French so we had quite an adventure.

I finished my Masters at the Sea Lab on Dauphin Island in the summer of '77 and celebrated by going out to Austin to meet my old girlfriend Laurie Bensburg & we drove out to Santa Fe in my old '62 Impala. We climbed to the top of Lake Peak and hung out in the cafes on the square in Santa Fe. On our way back to Lubbock, we heard the news that Elvis had died.

Laurie, oldest daughter of Gerry Bensberg

I was getting tired of teaching so I was restless when I attended our DHS 10 Year Class Reunion in the Summer of '78. Ricky Blumenfeld told me about a sales job so I quit my teaching job at the end of July and started my new career as an underwear salesman out in the world "covering the asses of the masses." That didn't work out so another buddy of mine told me about a job out in California so I took off for California. I got to hang out in Austin, Philmont and Santa Fe again and really had a wonderful time in Big Sur and Yosemite but I had nightmares out there so I came back home. I got a scholarship to work on my PhD but in the spring of '79 I dropped out of school and took a job teaching in New Orleans. I got an apartment in Faubourg Marigny and got to hang out in the French Quarter & see why they call New Orleans an ELEPHANT'S GRAVEYARD.

In September of '79, I got my old teaching job back in Tuscaloosa. I married Debbie Emblom and for the next three years I settled down and didn't go anywhere except to Panama City Beach in the summer.

Debbie and I got divorced in '83 so I spent the summer living in Scott Gellerstedt's Gulf Front apartment in Reddington Shores near St. Pete.

Scott and I hatched a business plan to sell Panama hats so in the summer of '84 I returned to Ecuador. I attended the inauguration of President Leon and had a wonderful time except I got my wires crossed with Scott and didn't see him until we both took the same flight back to Miami.

We sold some hats but selling the excellent handmade sweaters Scott had discovered proved to be more lucrative.

In the summer of '85, I quit my teaching job so I could take care of my mother. She died on the day I would have returned to school so after taking care of Mother's funeral arrangements, I went out to Austin to see Laurie again before returning to Ecuador. I returned to Ecuador twice in the fall and winter of '85 and really got the sweater business kicked off in the spring of '86.

I returned to Ecuador twice in '86 to buy handmade sweaters, handbags, belts and earrings.
I also returned to New England again and got to see Thomas Wheatley again. He had moved up to Maine so it was great hanging out with him while I set up the sweater business on the coast of Maine.

During the school year, Scott and I spent all our time selling sweaters in sorority houses all over the South and Midwest. I spent a lot of time at Indiana University, the University of Illinois, the University of Wisconsin, the University of Minnesota,the University of Michigan, Michigan State and Purdue. We worked all the SEC schools and all the girls schools in Virginia and North Carolina.

I returned to Ecuador once in '87 and spent that summer in New England but I was getting burned out being on the road all the time. By Thanksgiving I was hanging out with the girls in Tuscaloosa and by Christmas I was married.

My wife got pregnant right off the bat so in February of '88 we went up to Michigan to unload our merchandise and then took a little honeymoon down to Key West.

On September 14, 1988, my son Christopher was born in Druid City Hospital so for the past 20 years I've been concentrating on raising him making sure that he was able to travel every summer. He's been to a National Scout Jamboree near Washington, D.C., sailed around Abaco Island in the Bahamas, canoed the boundary waters between Minnesota & Ontario, hiked Philmont, camped on the Ontario side of Lake Superior, visited New Mexico with one of his buddies, hiked portions of the Appalachian and attended many national and regional Order of the Arrow meetings as far away as Oklahoma, Iowa State University and Michigan State University.

I've published a bunch of articles on Alabama history and have traveled a lot in South Alabama & Northwest Florida doing research. On one trip from Tuscaloosa to Panama City Beach, I checked my trip meter on my speedometer and saw that we'd traveled 996 miles one way from Tuscaloosa to the beach.

2008 finds me opening an entirely new chapter of my life.
I still have my health so I'm looking forward to all the challenges my new life will bring.

I've still got plenty to accomplish but at least I can be thankful that

The main thing I do for Pake Realty is keep the houses rented to Section 8 tenants maintained to HUD standards. I do the work plus I hire others when needed. I do all kinds of plumbing and electrical work but I also clean & paint. Whatever is needed~ that's what I do.

I taught high school science (mainly Biology) for 19 years. I taught in Ecuador, Tuscaloosa, New Orleans, Carrollton, AL , Midfield, AL and Birmingham. I was also an adjunct faculty member @ Bevill State Community College in Fayette for seven years. I quit teaching in '97 and started working for Pake Realty in '99. I have a B.S. from Bama ('72 -major: Psych , minor: Biology) and an M.A. in Education from Bama ('77 concentration in Biology). I also did some work on a PhD.

My wife of over 22 yrs., Sharon (native of Northport), passed away January 30, 2010. We started dating in the summer of '72 but didn't get married until December of '87. We have a 22 yr. old son, Christopher, who lives in Northport. He has his own home repair business and he has earned certificates in Welding, Diesel Mechanics and Industrial Electronics Technology from Shelton State Community College in Tuscaloosa. He will begin working on a machine shop certificate @ Shelton State this fall. We are very close and talk to each other every day. We also work together some days and we take a couple of vacations together each year. He's my best bud & it would be tough for me to leave Tuscaloosa because I would miss him so much.

Call me sometime 205-657-7724


Here are some of my other blogs:

The sample of my play, WELCOME TO THE COTTON KINGDOM is @

The sample of my novel, SNAKE DOCTOR is @


Sunday, July 24, 2011

The ROCK & ROLL photography exhibit @ the B'ham Museum got me going. Here's my worn out copy of the cover of THE ALLMAN BROTHERS @ FILLMORE EAST.

I saw a buddy of mine @ the WHO SHOT ROCK exhibit @ the B'ham Museum & neither one of us could believe how WE (outside of Elvis, James Brown & Johnny Cash shooting the finger) got left out.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

One time back in the Nineties when my family was visiting Lake Talquin we went into Tallahassee & toured the San Luis de Talimali State Park. I bought a '72 FL Dept. of State bulletin that concerned the State of Florida discovering THE ST. MARKS MILITARY CEMETERY when they built the road out to Fort St. Marks. This was Andrew Jackson's cemetery for his men who perished @ St. Marks during his invasion of Florida in 1818. By being buried in that cord grass tidal marsh, the cypress caskets of the members of the 4th Battalion Infantry & others were preserved. Some cat's petrified brain was found in Burial 3.

Ray Charles sang,"Heaven help the boy who won't reach twenty-one."
"You tell 'em, Ray." said Gladys.
"& Heaven help the man who gave that child a gun."
Gladys," Oh,it's sad."
Ray,"& Heaven help the people WITH THEIR BACKS AGAINST THE WALL.
Lord, won't you help us all."

Friday, July 22, 2011

I'm attaching some stuff to this email I want you to think about. Pretty sure I'm the first person in North America to use the term ROCK PILGRIMAGE on the Web. I know that because some cat from the UK contacted me because he got sued by this BBC subsidiary for using the term. He thought I came up with it first but that BBC subsidiary posted the term on the Web before I did.
Anywayzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... ROCK PILGRIMAGE is something I want to monetize.

I already got a guy who has been on an extended ATLANTA RHYTHM SECTION PILGRIMAGE so I have some resources for some outstanding visuals for the cable.

What I want to do with you is for you to come back to Atlanta and return to your old haunts & their ruins/remains & be videotaped while you comment about the situation. I also think it would be VERY ENTERTAINING if you would go to Jacksonville & hang out in all the old Skynyrd haunts & give your impressions of those guys & girls.

The following posts are meant TO ENCOURAGE you to think about becoming the first partner in ROCK PILGRIMAGE:

Here's the first list of locations for shooting ROCK PILGRIMAGE~ JACKSONVILLE:

1) Brickyard Road

2)The Still 4506 San Juan Ave.

3) Woodstock Teen Center Beaver Street

4) Riverside Studios 220 Riverside Ave.

5) Ronnie VanZant's Grave

6) The Bolles School 7400 San Jose Boulevard

7) Lee High School 1200 S. McDuff Ave.

8) The Riviera Apartments 1700 Blanding Boulevard

9) The House Ronnie VanZant Grew Up In

10) The House Gary Rossington Grew Up In

11) The House Allen Collins Grew Up In

12) The West Tavern 5301 Lenox Ave.

13) FREEBIRDLIVE 200 1st St. N., Jacksonville Bch, FL

14) The Little Brown Jug 2517 Edison Ave.

15) Hell House

16) St. Vincent's Hospital 1 Shircliff Way

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Answer the Call...

A pilgrimage is a ritual that belongs to no single religious or cultural tradition. One simply must answer the call to go, and when they are moving through the environment at a natural pace that awakens the senses, they perceive and connect to the environment as it is.

Since time immemorial, people have journeyed to special places to restore their faith in whatever they felt was important for their lives.

This pilgrimage could be a spiritual journey or it could end up being a journey filled with spirits.

ROCK PILGRIMAGE is a documentary television series & website for Rock & Roll Pilgrims. ROCK PILGRIMAGE examines the cities in which THE rock & roll pioneers were raised.

The show & website take the viewer on a virtual pilgrimage

A Pilgrim's Progess

Hey y'all~

Well, now we gotta get EVERYBODY hip to ROCK PILGRIMAGE.

Years ago pilgrimages were exclusively for Religious Nuts but the Twentieth Century introduced THE CULT OF PERSONALITY so NOW we gotz "religious" pilgrimages to the tombs of Lenin, Mao, Ho, Martin Luther King & ELVIS.


I've decided that I'm gonna be the star of ROCK PILGRIMAGE.
I'm just gonna be my own damn self & leave Tuscaloosa in search of wisdom on the Westside of Jacksonville, FL. or any other damn place I wanna go & explore.

I'm a cat who likes money, music & LOVES gettin' high wid some nookie so there's gotta be a place for me on cable TV.

ROCK PILGRIMAGE will be like a really good Hunting & Fishing Show.
It'll show the kids new & innovative ways to get high.

A film crew will meet me for THE WESTSIDE STORY in Jacksonville & the rest will be history!



as sorta PILGRIMAGE TO GRACELAND for Southern Rockers.

Published Thursday, June 10, 1999

Westside Story

By Matt Soergel
Times-Union staff writer,

Gimme Three Steps, arguably the best Lynyrd Skynyrd song that didn't end in a 29-minute guitar solo, has opening lines that perfectly capture a time - and a place.

Ronnie Van Zant sang it: ''I was cuttin' a rug down at a place called the Jug/With a girl named Linda Lou.''

There's deep significance to that song - and we're not talking about how amazing it is that Skynyrd, later in the song, successfully rhymed ''feller'' with ''hair colored yeller.''

No. It's because those lines are so Westside. And we mean that in a good way.

Can you imagine a place called the Jug in Baymeadows? What are the odds of finding a girl named Linda Lou in Mandarin? And what do the good citizens of East Arlington know about cuttin' a rug?


Visit our Lynyrd Skynyrd section

As symbols of the Westside, Lynyrd Skynyrd left its mark all over that part of town. Here, with help from the Freebird Foundation's Web site ( is a little tour of Skynyrd's Westside:

Robert E. Lee High School: At 1200 S. McDuff Ave., this is where Ronnie Van Zant, Gary Rossington and Bob Burns went to school, and where they met tough gym teacher Leonard Skinner, after whom they later named themselves, sort of.

The Little Brown Jug: At 2517 Edison Ave., it inspired the ''cuttin' the rug'' line in Gimme Three Steps, but probably just because ''jug'' rhymed with ''rug.''

The West Tavern: At 5301 Lenox Ave., it's now called the Pastime (''cold beer, pool''). This is where the Gimme Three Steps scuffle really happened.

The Still: At 4506 San Juan Ave., it's now the SOS Lounge. It's where some of the band's earliest performances were. Later bought by Leonard Skinner and renamed after himself.

220 Riverside Ave.: An office building that Skynyrd bought in 1976 as a recording studio and rehearsal hall.

Lakeshore Athletic Association baseball fields: At 5300 Park St., this is where, as the story goes, Rossington met Van Zant and Burns. That fateful meeting happened after Van Zant hit a line drive that hit the back of Burns' head.

- Matt Soergel/staff

No. This is a Westside song, all the way.

''Skynyrd is a true representation of the Westside,'' said Van Zant's widow, Judy Van Zant Jenness. ''They were not pretentious. Their stage presence, their attire - their songs were about real events and real people. They were the good ol' boys.''

Unpretentious. Good ol' boys. Real people.

As Skynyrd represents the Westside, so does the Westside epitomize Jacksonville - or at least the Jacksonville that existed before the latest suburban boom fired up.

It's an area that, in some ways, is the most Jacksonville part of Jacksonville.

''That is the character of what Jacksonville was, throughout most of the 20th century - really until the last 15 or 20 years,'' said University of North Florida historian James Crooks.

''The Westside, I would say, would be the truer Jacksonville. It reflects the blue-collar, Bible Belt community that most of Jacksonville has been through most of its history . . . the Westside is the remnant of the old Jacksonville.''

Dispelling an image

The Westside - the vast expanse west of the St. Johns River all the way to the county line - is also a mysterious place to many newcomers, who've settled far away in other parts of the city. Bill Riley, a host on WBWL (600 AM) The Ball, a sports-radio station whose offices are on the Westside, will vouch for that.

''People will have absolutely no idea, when you tell them you're on Lenox [Avenue], how to get here.''

Knowing nothing about the area doesn't stop people from making jokes about the Westside.

''We have some callers in particular, generally from Ponte Vedra, who like to take shots at the Westside - pickup trucks, cars on blocks, education level, that kind of stuff. But the whole 'Westside' thing is almost a point of pride with Westsiders. They're very sensitive about it.''

Riley - who treks in from the Beaches - admits to joining in the funning at the Westside's expense, every once in a while.

''I actually had a guy - true story - who came to a live show I had at Coggin Honda. He came out in his pickup with his dog in the back - a big mean dog chained in the back of his truck. He came all the way from the Westside to Coggin, which is on Atlantic Boulevard, and he said: 'Are you Bill Riley?' I said, 'Yeah,' and he said, 'You need to stop making fun of the Westside.'

''I said, 'I say it endearingly.' Then he said, 'I don't think so. Stop picking on the Westside.'

''Then he took one of my free T-shirts.''

Roger Malphurs, 35, is a proud Westsider, born, raised and settled there, a block from where he grew up, near Normandy Boulevard and Cassat Avenue. He works on the Southside, though, braving the madness on that side of the river five days a week.

''I speak with people at work, and they have a very negative connotation about the Westside - that there are a bunch of rednecks, weirdos over here. Well, we're not glamorous - I'd be the first to tell you that - but you'd get better property over here than you would in Mandarin, that's for sure.''

Malphur's father, Ralph, who like his son is a citizen-activist for the Westside, sums up his feeling about his neighborhood in a few short words - a phrase that's heard often on the Westside.

You might read a little defensiveness into it when some people say it. But not with Malphurs. Not at all.

''The Westside is the best side,'' he says. ''And we mean that.''

An area with roots

The Westside is a huge, diverse area of uncertain boundaries. Most consider Beaver Street the northern edge and the Argyle area near the Clay County line the southern boundary. Some include in it tony neighborhoods such as Avondale and Ortega. Almost everyone agrees it stretches as far west as Jacksonville does, to the county line.

It's changing, just like every part of Jacksonville.

Expensive subdivisions are popping up here and there. Winn-Dixie is building a huge warehouse. And many hopes are pinned on Cecil Field's planned conversion to a high-tech center once the Navy closes the sprawling base in September.

Peggy Talbert, owner of K.C. Bar-B-Q resturant that she and her husband, K.C., opened on San Juan Avenue in 1969.

-- Bob Self/staff

Even so, going over to the bustling Southside, say, can be a bit of culture shock to the die-hard Westsider. Curtis Johnson, 67, a lifelong resident, feels it.

''It's really crowded, it seems to me. I look around and think, 'Boy, they're putting everything over there.' I see all the growth over there, you're stuck in traffic - but boy, I kind of get envious over there sometimes.''

Johnson lives in the Sweetwater neighborhood, tucked just inside Interstate 295 off Wilson Boulevard, a mile from where he grew up. It used to be all farms, like the one his ancestors - ex-slaves from a plantation near Live Oak - started in 1868.

Sweetwater went through some rough times itself, with drugs and prostitution. It's cleaned up now, though, largely because of the efforts of those who live there.

Johnson wouldn't want to live anywhere but the Westside. For him, it means big lots, inexpensive property, a small-town atmosphere. ''I see all those pine trees out here, people with all these big yards,'' he said. ''It's a hidden treasure, and people are going to find it.''

Peggy Talbert runs K.C. Bar-B-Q, a neighborhood institution on San Juan Avenue. She and her husband, K.C., opened it in the late '60s. He died a year ago, and she has run it on her own since.

To her, the Westside's all about family.

''I think probably the Westside of town has more people that have been here generations, several generations of family. Houses, a lot of them, don't even go on the market when they're selling, 'cause they just go to families,'' said Talbert, who lives near the restaurant.

''Those areas out on Hodges [Boulevard] and all that, that's new people. I think the Westside is the old people, people who've been around Jacksonville for a long time.''

A different ballgame

Mike Hogan is a Jacksonville city councilman whose family goes back several generations on the Westside.

''I think west Jacksonville is more the old true South,'' he said. To him, that means lots of churches, extended families and a slower-paced life.

Cedar Hills Sharks Kristen Leino gets tagged out at home during her team's fast-pitch softball game recently against the Lake Shore Wild Angels at the Lakeshore Athletic Association ball fields on Park Street.

-- Bob Self/staff

Newcomers to Florida, after all, tend to cluster closer to the beach: ''They come from the Midwest, where they never saw a beach, and they say, 'If I'm going to live in Florida, I'm going to live at the beach.' ''

Westsiders, though, tend to be from the South, and they want space around them, said Hogan, who lives in Confederate Point. The Westside can provide that, though Hogan admits the area has its problems.

''We've been begging developers for some time to build more upscale housing. The development of the Westside has been so nondescript from a planning standpoint. Right next to each other, you might have a trailer, a mobile home, a 3,000-square-foot home and a business that's been there for years.''

Still, he likes the Westside for its old-fashioned qualities. Take youth sports, for example: Hogan's got nothing against soccer, but on the Westside, it's still a relatively newfangled thing - kind of a yuppie curiosity.

''All my boys play baseball,'' he said proudly.

Still, a couple of years ago, his youngest son decided to play soccer at Paxon High School. He was fast, but he was still at a big disadvantage to the other players, who'd been playing the sport in other parts of town since they were 5 or 6.

It was a different kind of experience.

''We were noticing all the Volvos around when we came out for the first game. And all the parents were standing around yelling, 'Mark the man, mark the man!' We had no idea what they were talking about.''

Hogan laughs.

''Soccer's growing, but baseball and football still rule on the Westside.''

Working people

Don Walton runs Don's Music & Pawn on Blanding Boulevard, a gathering place for musicians, home to new guitars and some choice older ones too.

The Westside's full of musicians, from Skynyrd on down to the humblest bar band.

''We've got people, third-, fourth-, fifth-generation musicians, here. Their grandfathers came out of the mountains, West Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and they played for entertainment before TV,'' said Walton.

''It's been passed down, almost like a craft.''

That's one of the reasons he, a Northside native, opened his store on the Westside - and then chose to live there, in the Lakeshore neighborhood.

''There are a lot of good hard-working honest folks here, for the most part. They're not pretentious. Most of them have done better than their parents, and they try to instill a lot of that in their kids. Still, by and large it's lower-middle class. But there's a lot of pride in that, in not slipping.

''I think people go, 'Well, with hard work you can get there.' ''

Yestiddee marked the 150th anniversary of THE CLASH OF THE AMATEURS @ Bull Run & the beginning of YANKEE KILLING in earnest. The aftermath of the 1st Battle of Manassas includes a telling statistic: 13 Rebs missing; 1312 Yanks missing ("I goin' back home to Mama!") The next BIG'UN wasn't so funny for us Rebs. April 6 & 7, 1862 on the Tennessee-Mississippi line~ They called it SHILOH. Anywayzzzzzzzzzzzzz... Obama didn't show Thurs. morning in Manassas & security was dropped so everybody had a good time @ THE HENRY HOUSE Visitors Center on the National Battlefield.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

MUCHAZZZZ to our old buddy, Al Kooper, for shooting us the preview of his Morton Report column entitled OLD MUSIC FOR NEW PEOPLE which will be published Friday. It includes a moving tribute to Jerry Ragovoy including a photo of Al, Jerry & Andrew Oldham, manager & producer of the Rolling Stones & THE SMALL FACES. Andrew produced the Rolling Stones' first American hit, TIME IS ON MY SIDE, a Jerry Ragovoy composition. Also included are 10 rare recordings of songs Ragovoy wrote, arranged or produced. Included is a duet with Howard Tate of the Ragovoy tune, GET IT WHILE YOU CAN, recorded in Jerry's Alpharetta recording studio.

Y'all ain't gonna believe this! Shirley Howard and her 24 yr. old daughter, Monique, came by the office to visit on Monday! WHAT A MIRACLE! Monique was in one of the houses we USED TO MANAGE when that April 27 cloud sucked her through the ceiling and roof of her house and deposited her across the road. She's got problems but she's out of DCH & she's riding around town visiting folks with her Mama, Shirley. They're in a new house on the West Side & just trying to get back to normal.

These bats have begun living underneath the terra cotta roofing tiles in the back of THE ATTIC on the 25oo block of Univ. After the Pub closed this morning, I was walking back home through The Attic's parking lot & I saw a bat flying toward me so I pulled my WORRY ROCK out of my pocket & threw it up in the air. Sure enough, the bat came straight for it. Only problem was the rock fell straight down in front of me so suddenly I had A BAT FLYING AROUND MY FACE!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sitting around the Possum Den after work this afternoon listening to a story (it was about how this cat's Daddy got mad @ a bartender because she wouldn't let him bring his dog into her bar so he leaves, comes back with a crane and puts the bartender's car ON TOP OF THE SERVICE MERCHANDISE BUILDING on Skyland) when I got a call from Robert Nix. Nix is putting together another band with Rock & Roll Hall of Famer ARTIMUS PYLE. They're gonna have Robert's wife, Alison Heafner, open their shows so this is gonna a be a great opportunity for Robert & Alison!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Your old buddy, Ian "Mac" McLagan, keyboard player for THE SMALL FACES, has a headline on the cover of the August issue of MOJO. Inside he's got a 5 page article & interview with tons of pictures. He's been living in Austin where he plays regularly @ the LUCKY LOUNGE. Now he's touring the UK & Ireland with a new version of THE FACES. They're flying to Japan next week to play in a rock festival July 30.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

MUCHAZZZZZZZZZZZZ TO KEN JOHNSON for this image from the 4th of July Celebration @ CENTER STAGE in Cottonwood.
Wouldn't it be grand if CENTER STAGE ripped off Branson & started running adzzzzzzzzzzzz on the WEATHER CHANNEL , dat went sometin' lack,

Friday, July 15, 2011

Thanks for the email!

The main thing I do for Pake Realty is keep the houses rented to Section 8 tenants maintained to HUD standards. I do the work plus I hire others when needed. I do all kinds of plumbing and electrical work but I also clean & paint. Whatever is needed~ that's what I do.

I taught high school science (mainly Biology) for 19 years. I taught in Ecuador, Tuscaloosa, New Orleans, Carrollton, AL , Midfield, AL and Birmingham. I was also an adjunct faculty member @ Bevill State Community College in Fayette for seven years. I quit teaching in '97 and started working for Pake Realty in '99. I have a B.S. from Bama ('72 -major: Psych , minor: Biology) and an M.A. in Education from Bama ('77 concentration in Biology). I also did some work on a PhD.

My wife of over 22 yrs., Sharon (native of Northport), passed away January 30, 2010. We started dating in the summer of '72 but didn't get married until December of '87. We have a 22 yr. old son, Christopher, who lives in Northport. He has his own home repair business and he has earned certificates in Welding, Diesel Mechanics and Industrial Electronics Technology from Shelton State Community College in Tuscaloosa. He will begin working on a machine shop certificate @ Shelton State this fall. We are very close and talk to each other every day. We also work together some days and we take a couple of vacations together each year. He's my best bud & it would be tough for me to leave Tuscaloosa because I would miss him so much.

Let me know when you go to Selma. If you have any spare time, I might show up.

Call me sometime 205-657-7724

Robert Register

Here are some of my other blogs:

The sample of my play, WELCOME TO THE COTTON KINGDOM is @

The sample of my novel, SNAKE DOCTOR is @

Sunday, July 10, 2011

I just wanna tell ya that over the many years the folks in this picture have TREATED ME LIKE A KING & I Just Wanna Say,"I SHOWL DO 'PRECIATE IT!"

Ain't it GRAND that back in '56 BACON'S CRYSTAL BEACH COTTAGES let you know in their ads that they provided "rooms for servants." Probably a holdover from the turpentine industry. I posted all the Destin ads from the '56 GULF STATES GUIDE on my Facebook profile page & eventually I'll get 'em on the ZERO, NORTHWEST FLORIDA blog.

People constantly dismiss my blogs as a waste of time or as my futile attempt to draw attention to myself but I wonder what they'd think if they ever received a Thank You Note like the one I got today:
I spoke with Jimmy this morning, he was very kind and shared the information that he had. I would like to thank you for taking the time to contact him. If it wasn't for your blog I never would have found out anything or seen a picture of my father.
Best Wishes,

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Here's a really cool link that gives all the set locations for scenes filmed around Wetumpka, Tallassee, Prattville, Millbrook, Montgomery, Deatsville & Lowndsboro for the movie BIG FISH.

Here's really cool link that gives all the set locations for scenes filmed for the movie BIG FISH.


Friday, July 08, 2011

Dallas, this obnoxious Atlanta cat sitting next to me @ the bar Sunday nite said,"I think the guitar player is trying for that 'VINCE NEAL LOOK'." I've posted about ten pictures of Acoustix @ HARPOON HARRY'S on my Facebook profile page.​ex.html

Friday, July 01, 2011


Got to the beach & enjoyed the evening dancing with the Sea Hags & Mermaids @ a local Laguna Beach dive.

View looking east from my fifth floor room @ Sugar Sands

View looking west toward Santa Monica & Sunnyside Beach

Sign @ The Laguna Beach Christian Retreat

Woke up the next day and read in the paper about the turtle rescue so I headed for St. Joe Bay.

This four man airboat was the work horse of the effort. I have a shot of it loaded down with turtles but the images are in my bad camera.

By Wednesday, over 1200 turtles had been rescued & taken to Gulf World in Panama City Beach but many did not survive.

They had 18 of the giant loggerheads in one tank @ Gulf World.

Walmart & Florida Linen donated towels & kiddie pools to warm the turtles up in.

Lots of turtles

Lots of them had gotten too cold & didn't make it

The ones that did survive are being returned to the warmer deep water by the Coast Guard & the Navy.

Cape San Blas & The St. Joseph Peninsula are a spectacular wilderness but it was COLD!

It were so cold a damn mockingbird tried to fly into the cab of my truck!

Saw lots of deer out on the Cape Saturday & Sunday but I saw a lot more later in the week @ St. Andrews State Park but it was too dark for me to get pictures.

I did get some superb shots of the raccoons feeding out @ the end of the jetties. It was one of the few times I ever went out on the jetties & noone was there.

It's weird to see coons hanging out in the rocks a half mile out in the Gulf.

They built a nice exhibit to Teddy the Hermit inside the Interpretive Center @ St. Andrews State Park.

They have his grinding stone on display. I visited the spot where his boat ran aground in '29 and also the spot in the campground where he built his shack & smoke house.

They have a lot of Teddy's possessions on display which Mr. Willoughby, the park ranger, collected after Teddy's death @ age 72 in 1954.

Thanks to Charmin' Sharman
I found Teddy's grave in Panama City's Greenwood Cemetery. On Beach Drive in St. Andrews, I also found a fence & a chimney constructed out the same kind of ballast rocks which came from Teddy's boat that Willoughby put on Teddy's grave.

This is Lake Caroline one cold morning.

The old cabin on Beach Drive built in 1934 by Lillian Carlisle West,the wife of George Mortimer West,the founding father of Panama City.

I really enjoyed hanging out in Downtown Panama City.

The Old City Hall in Panama City

I took the Historic Walking Tour of Downtown.

The old Martin Theatre where my Daddy Earl took me when he let me play hookie one day in the third grade & go with him to Panama City.

Goofy Golf opened the same year that I was in the third grade,1959!

51 years of Goofy Golf!

I ate lunch @ J. Michael's almost every day.

A painting in the new Panama City library.

I used the computers @ The Panama City Beach Library, the Panama City Library & The new South Walton Library.

Our old buddy, Michael McCarty, had an exhibit up @ The South Walton Library

Mike,his wife Sherri & I attended the opening of the 30A Songwriter's Festival @ Bud & Alley's Friday & Saturday night we went to a party @ a house in Watercolor & they had a surprise birthday party for Sherri's 60th Birthday. It was a BLAST! Photos are coming on that one!

Anywayzzzzzz... I'm well rested & ready to experience culture shock again tomorrow when I return to the mean skreets of TUSKEELOOSEE!