Wednesday, February 02, 2011

The '25 Corolla is, hands down, the wildest I've seen.

I think it'll keep.

Found this in Lee's '41 Corolla.

That's a WAR EAGLE slot machine.

Here are Lee's WWII Corollas

Here's the oldest Corollas in Lee's collection plus an '97 Glomerata

Spelling names challenged our Rebel boys. CHATTANOOGA was written "Chat a nooga",
CHICKAMAUGA became "Chick a mooga" and MISSISSIPPI "Muscippia". PNEUMONIA was spelled "new mornion", TYPHOID FEVER as "tifoid feaver", ERYSIPELAS as "eri sipalous" and YELLOW JAUNDICE as "yaller ganders".

Mo' stuff from EMBATTLED CONFEDERATES by Bell I. Wiley, Chairman of The National Civil War Centennial Commission in 1961 :
SOME semiliterate soldiers used colorful figures of speech. One Reb wrote: "The boys is well sadisfide and in fine spirits pitching around like a blind dog in a meet hous." Another stated that "the dam Yankees...[are] thicker than lise on a hen and a dam site ornraier." A third reported that "it comentsed raining like poring peas on a rawhide." One Reb mutilated a trite simile thus: "Noose is a cerce as hen's teeth."

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

I saw the most insensitive, offensive bumper sticker on the back of this ugly old man's pick up truck today. It said: SHARE MY WORK ETHIC, NOT MY WEALTH