Thursday, December 29, 2011

Check out this youtube video about Osawatomie, Kansas. That's where Obama gave his ABSOLUTE MARXIST-LENINIST ATTACK ON AMERICA speech on Tues., Dec.6. In his destructive old style COMMUNIST oration Obama invoked Teddy Roosevelt who spoke in Osawatomie @ the 1910 dedication of the SLIMEBALL PSYCHOPATHIC MASS MURDERING TERRORIST John Brown Memorial Park.Obama showed his hand when he stated,“Now, it’s a simple theory(i.e. 'The market will take care of everything') and we have to admit, it’s one that speaks to our rugged individualism and our healthy skepticism of too much government. That’s in America’s DNA. And that theory fits well on a bumper sticker. But here’s the problem: It doesn’t work. It has never worked."

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Found this image of my old mentor, Hudson Strode, in the '21 Corolla. Pictured left to right are Hudson Stode,Director of the Blackfriars, Tuscaloosa's Dorothy Monnish,Corolla beauty & Blackfriar stage beauty, Francis Inge, Joe Sewell, Cleveland Indians' shortstop, former BAMA baseball head coach & namesake for Sewell Field, and Miss Mildred Ford.

SANDY CLAWS brought me a new camera fo' Kritmuh so I happier than a pig in the sunshine! Tested it out for the frist time @ Greenwood Cemetery this afternoon. The graves of the Unknown Confederate Soldiers were decorated for the holidays.It is believed that many of these men were injured at Shiloh so 2012 will mark the 150th anniversary since many of these brave men laid down their lives for their country.

Apt.C,1519 8th St.,my old digs from '73 until '80,has a new look. Mrs. Palmer's big house next door is demolished along with her hedge. Lots of changes in the old neighborhood but it's still comforting after 39 yrs. to see that the scene of the crime is still preserved.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Rilly intrigued by the Facebook page of this "self employed" cat from Holt who shot the deputy on Friday after robbing Sumner's. His INTERESTS included "Gettn Money", "Women" & "????????". His ACTIVITIES included "Party Party Party Lets All Get Wasted i.e. Smokn, Drinkn, and all other types of ill sht". Three of his 5 favorite musicians included M&M, Snoop Dogg & LiL Wayne. His favorite sport was "HUSTLIN"...

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Victor Hugo Friedman, University of Alabama Class of '97, was Tuscaloosa's greatest benefactor. Among his many accomplishments for this community, he preserved the Jemison House by giving it to the City.

A lot of early sandlot football got played around the Jemison House. Three of the VandeGraaf brothers who were born & raised in the old house on Greensboro Ave., Adrian , Hargrove & William Travis "Bully",all played for the Crimson Tide during the 1912 season,Adrian's Senior year. Bully was BAMA'S FIRST ALL AMERICAN. Their Daddy, Adrian S. VandeGraaf owned the Jemison House & played on Yale's first 11 man football team in 1880. I'm collecting images related to the Jemison House because 2012 is it's 150th birthday & it's going to be celebrated during the Alabama Museum Association's meeting here in Tuscaloosa in Feb.

Monday, December 19, 2011

image courtesy of the '27 Corolla~ November 12, 1813 marks 200 yrs. since Big Sam's Canoe Fight.

From the '26 Corolla:
"The South will outdo itself in welcoming Mack Brown home. It should. He has written DIXIE all over California."- Ed Danforth, THE ATLANTA JOURNAL

"A figure in football that is a flash. Brown could carry a ball through any team on Earth. Great speed, wonderful sidestepping and at the same time that persistent ALABAMA interference. There are few more attractive players."- As We See IT, THE DENVER POST

From the '26 Corolla:
"Johnny Mack Brown caught our eye for his safety work as well as outstanding performance." - Bill Henry, THE INNOCENT BYSTANDER

"No player has ever delighted a football crowd in all history as did Mack Brown of Alabama as did Mack Brown of Alabama in the Rose Bowl, New Year's Day."

From the '26 Corolla:
"Johnny Mack Brown is a romantic figure in national football." - Damon Runyon, I.N.S. Writer
"One of the fleetest and quickest backs ever to trod California sod." - See Bee in LOS ANGELES TIMES

From the '26 COROLLA ~ "Give a team one Mack Brown and the odds are a hundred to one in that team's favor at once."- Walter May, THE SEATTLE POST

No sign of progress with repairing the Confederate marker in Greenwood.
"THEY WORE THE GRAY. Thy Mighty Deeds In This Brief Period Wrought,YEARS OF OBLIVION SHALL CORRODE IN VAIN" ~ inscription on Greenwood Cemetery's Confederate Marker

This painter named John Paul Strain does some pretty kewl Civil War scenes. This one shows THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA CORPS OF CADETS gathering into their formations on the stormy Monday night of April 3, 1865 beside the Little Round House located next to the 70' X 70' Rotunda. The Rotunda was burned by the Yankees on Tuesday, April 4, 1865.The foundation stones of this building are preserved on the walkway in front of the Gorgas Library.The President's Mansion across the Quad is also pictured. One inaccuracy in this painting are the guardhouse drummers. The drum corps consisted of slaves who the University hired from town because they were good musicians.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

According to Wikipedia, the place where Alabama Governor George C. Wallace was shot five times on Mon.,May 15, 1972 was @ N. Latitude 39 degrees 5' 46" & W. Longitude 76 degrees 51' 16".That place is now occupied by a BANK OF AMERICA constructed in the parking lot of the Laurel Shopping Center. The day after he was shot, Governor Wallace WON the Democratic Presidential Primaries in MARYLAND & MICHIGAN. Tuesday, May 15, 2012 will mark the 40th anniversary of the attempted assassination of Governor Wallace. We plan to draw attention to this bank & to commemorate the 40th anniversary of this tragic event next May.,_1972

Friday, December 16, 2011

From the '27 Corolla: JOHNNY MACK BROWN ~ The latest addition to motion picture stardom served the fall as freshman coach at the Capstone. Imparting some of his own skill at slipping and squirming for Alabama gains, Johnny Mack developed many likely candidates for regular berths on the major Crimson Tide. The name of Brown has a classic significance in this vicinity, and in Johnny Mack's latest venture, that into the movies, Alabama as a state and university wishes him the best of success.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

left to right: Eddie Hinton, Jimmy Johnson, David Hood, Arif Mardin,Sonny Bono(wearing a Bear Bryant Walk On Water T shirt), Roger Hawkins, Jerry Wexler, Barry Beckett, Jeannie Greene, Donna Thatcher [later Donna Godcheaux with the Grateful Dead] and Tom Dowd.

from the cover of Cher's 1969 3614 JACKSON HIGHWAY~
front row, left to right: guitarist Eddie Hinton, bassist David Hood, Sonny Bono (wearing a Bear Bryant Walking On Water T shirt), Cher, producer Jerry Wexler, background vocalist Jeannie Greene, background vocalist Donna Thatcher and producer Tom Dowd. Back row, left to right: lead guitarist Jimmy Johnson, producer Arif Mardin, drummer Roger Hawkins and keyboardist Barry Beckett.

Friday, December 09, 2011

Hittin' the sack early tonight so we can get up early & make it to Dothan by at least 10 tomorrow morning. Somebody let me know what's happening in Dothan Sattiddee nite. Looking forward to attending THE KENNETH BRIGHT MEMORIAL CONCERT @ Cowboys on 231 South in Dothan Sunday afternoon. All proceeds will go to Ken Bright's family. Bands start @ 2 P.M. & they include many of KB's friends among which are THE BOPCATS, WILBUR WALTON, JR. & THE STRANGE GANG along with MIKE & THE MICROS ~ the original house band @ A.J.'s on the harbor in Destin.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Here's a picture of William Travis "Bully" Van de Graaff from the '26 Corolla when BAMA won it's first National Championship. In 1915 Bully was selected as THE CRIMSON TIDE'S FIRST ALL AMERICAN. Bully was the freshman coach in '26 & later that year he took over as head coach of Colorado College in Colorado Springs. He was replaced as BAMA's freshman coach in '27 by DOTHAN'S JOHNNY MACK BROWN. That was the year we tied Stanford in the Rose Bowl & Johnny Mack moved to Hollywood to became a movie star.

Here's a picture of Adrian S. Van de Graaff from the '93 Corolla. He was on Yale's first 11 man football team in 1880 & later married one of the Jemison girls and all three of their boys were born in the Jemison Mansion. All three played for the Tide at the same time and Bully was our first All-American in 1915.(ninety years later the Britt family were the next family to put 3 boys on the Crimson Tide team at the same time) Bully's younger brother, Robert, invented the Van de Graaff Generator which enabled scientists to identify the properties of the plutonium atom which was the most important step leading to the creation of the atomic bomb. Robert later used his generator on silicon which led to the invention of the microchip.
Jacquetta & I toured the Jemison - Van de Graaff Mansion today. The old 26 room house will celebrate its 150th birthday in February.

Monday, December 05, 2011

Heading back down to Dothan this weekend with Jacquetta & my son Christopher to attend a benefit concert @ COWBOYS for my good buddy Kenneth Bright 1953-2011. All proceeds from the event will go to KB's family. Doors open at noon and live music starts at 2:00 P.M. All of Kenneth's Wiregrass friends will be playing including THE BOPCATS, MIKE & THE MICROS, WILBUR WALTON,JR. & THE STRANGERS, JOSH BUCKLEY, TAKING LIBERTIES, THE USUAL SUSPECTS & more. See y'all @ COWBOYS on 231 South Sunday afternoon.