Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Growing up in Dothan, about the only Spanish-like things in my young life were realtor Raymond Garcia, my Daddy's cousin in Geneva's tamales and the architecture of Young Jr. High School. It was many years later that I discovered that the Alabama-Florida line only thirteen miles south of my home had once been an international border between the United States and the Spanish colony of West Florida and it was a little over twenty years ago that I found out that President George Washington believed that establishing this FIRST SOUTHERN BOUNDARY OF THE UNITED STATES was the greatest accomplishment of his entire eight-year presidency. For myself, today's 220th anniversary of the signing of TREATY OF FRIENDSHIP, LIMITS AND NAVIGATION BETWEEN SPAIN AND THE UNITED STATES in San Lorenzo de El Escorial has a special meaning. I now possess an intimate knowledge of just how important this treaty was in my life because a little over 216 years ago, that treaty brought THE AMERICAN FLAG to my native land and there it still flies. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pinckney's_Treaty


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