Sunday, October 25, 2015

Like my Daddy Earl always said,"Son, there's nothin' new under the sun." This cat never appeared on a box of Wheaties but he was a renowned fencer and THE MOST FAMOUS TRANSGENDERIST IN HISTORY. This morning I discovered the story of the Chevaliere d'Eon. He was not the object of my inquiry but came to my attention because the guy I was looking up, Pierre de Beaumarchais, negotiated d'Eon's return to France from England where d'Eon had been exiled after serving as a French spy. I was interested in the story of Beaumarchais because during the American Revolution, he served as a secret agent for French King Louis XVI and set up a fictitious business called Roderique Hortalez and Company which smuggled all manner of war materials to the American cause via New Orleans.'Eon


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