Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Man, I have been soliciting for information on THE OUTER MONGOLIAN HERD for ever. Please turn any of those cats on to ZERO, NORTHWEST FLORIDA http://robertoreg.blogspot.com

During my Senior year at DHS, a buddy of mine from Dothan got a date with a girl from Enterprise for Saturday night so he wanted to stay with me at camp for the weekend. We go to camp on Friday and Cecil let us have a staff cabin. We went to get a shower and McGough was curious about my plans for hooking up with the girls in New Brockton that night so I told him,"Don't worry man, once we get to town, you'll have a date before you have time to drink a carton of chocolate milk."
We got cleaned up & drove over to Brockton.
I parked in front of the Piggly Wiggley and went in and bought us two cartons of chocolate milk.
I go back outside, jump into my tourquoise '58 Chevy and before we finished our cartons of milk, the car was surrounded by gorgeous Brockton honeys.

Only problem with some of those Brockton girls was that a couple of the best looking ones were from the wrong side of 84 & they were desperately poor. You'd go over to their houses in the evening to sit on the front porch with them & as the sun went down it started smelling like St. Andrews Bay as the neighborhood outhouses started working their magic gas through the evening air.
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From: Kenny
Date: 25/03/2008

I thought so. I was in 99/Rattler patrol with Devon patrick, the keyboard player for The Outer mongolian Herd. Our scout leaders were mostly ex-military types that were Korea vets or just got out during the beginnings of "Nam, which made them gungho about preparing us. My favorite passtime was sleeping in the old boat out on the lake during the middle of the day, after drinking part a canteen of vodka and cherry koolaid a couple of us would sneak into camp. Ocasionaly we would visit other troops over at Ed's Point at night and leave a can of beenie weenies in the fire before we left.....

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From: Robert
Date: Mar 25, 2008 1:53 AM

I was in Troop 130 from Dothan. Thomas Wheatley Don Culberson was also in my troop. I worked at the Boy Scout Reservation some during the summer of '65 but I was on staff in '66 and in '67. In '67, I was Assistant Activities Director. I spent a little time there in the Summer of '68 because I was Vigil Honor in Cowikee Lodge.

I went out with Manera Saloom Jacquetta Taylor in Enterprise with Suzanne Wilkes in New Brockton. Mr. Mrs. Broxton were like my surrogate parents so I had full access to the camp year round all through high school. I even hung out there during the Summer of '69 when I was going out with Margaret Sykes of Andalusia.

Wasn't Troop 99 that para-military bunch from Tick-town (we always called the Boll Weevil "THE TICK") that was so gung-ho
had the adults who wore Christmas tree uniforms?
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From: Kenny
Date: 24/03/2008

krbright@roadrunner. com
Thanks guy. By the way. I think you were in troop 48 weren't you? I was in 99 from Enterprise.
I'll put you in my pork loop as well..